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Jean Marie LEPRIYA


Jean Marie LEPRIYA has a law degree from the University of Kinshasa.

A lawyer since 2004, Maître Jean Marie LEPRIYA is a litigator with a good knowledge of the Congolese judiciary and the country's courts. From Boma to Goma, not to mention the other cities of the Democratic Republic of Congo such as Bukavu, Kananga, Kinshasa, Kisangani, Lubumbashi, Matadi, Mbandaka and Uvira where we have made various legal proceedings.

In addition to the services in court, Maître Jean Marie LEPRIYA also offers the following services:
? Legal advice and assistance in carrying out investment projects in general and mining in particular;
? Establishment of civil status records;
? Contributor to the World Bank's Do Business Report;
? Obtaining an establishment visa, a foreign worker's work card;
? Drafting of legal acts (contract, articles of association and non-governmental organization, memorandum of understanding).

Done in Kinshasa on November 08, 2019

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